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Stigma Magazine supports individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as individuals in mental health recovery and their loved ones by providing relevant and engaging information and resources to keep them connected and encourage them to create and embrace a healthy lifestyle as they recover in the real world.


Stigma Magazine does not endorse or discredit a particular recovery methodology. Rather, Stigma serves as a medium by which recovery information from wide and varied sources may be shared.



Published four times per year, Stigma Magazine is Canada's premier publication addressing the needs of the one in five people—over six and a half million Canadians—who experience a mental illness or substance use problem in their lifetime. Stigma presents informative and inspiring articles that show readers not just how to deal with their issues, but how to enjoy a healthy life. Written and produced by leading mental health and recovery experts and people who have walked the same paths as our readers, Stigma Magazine speaks our readers’ language and presents a clear road map to attaining a fulfilling new way of life.


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