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The One Day That Is Given To You is Today. Be Grateful.

Are we celebrating our new life in recovery? Whether you are recovering from addiction or mental wellness, are you enjoying every moment, are you finding beauty in every day? We've all been given a new opportunity in life—we’re no longer tied down by addiction or mental health issues. We take so many things for granted.While the macro knowledge of our freedom is immense, sometimes it’s easy to forget the daily beauty and blessings. Yet that is exactly how we can celebrate the beauty of every day life.

No one else knows how hard it is every day to live every day in recovery—except those of us in addiction recovery and mental health recovery. But what if we treated every day as truly a gift?

I found this video on youtube and all I can say is that it touched me... It made me think...In June 2011, Louie Schwartzberg presented his inspiring project, Happiness Revealed, at a TED conference, which explores the relationship of gratefulness to our lives.

It's 10 minutes long... take the time to absorb what is being said and the images that are attached to the message that is being put accross. If you're short on time, just start at the 4:40minute mark. It will be well worth the time spent. After all, we need to take a few minutes to think and reflect on our day. We are all only given given one day. We can all only live one day at a time.

So be grateful for today. It's the only day that is given to us all. Enjoy the video

Peace... Luke D.

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