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Stigma Magazine was published four times a year in Victoria, British Columbia from 2015-2017. It was one of Canada’s premiere publications addressing the needs of the six million Canadians per year who continue to experience mental health or substance use issues. Stigma was focused on myth busting and education, fighting to break outdated and incorrect perceptions and empower citizens with knowledge. Every issue of Stigma came out packed with intelligent and relevant articles, citizen profiles and advice for living a healthy, fulfilling life no matter what your situation was. Stigma was a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the state of substance use and mental health in Canada during its publication.


Recovery Day Victoria 



Updated weekly, the Stigma Blog provides snap shots of content to come in our magazine, opinion pieces on current events, unedited interviews from experts and guest posts from people across the spectrum of mental health activism and advocacy in Canada.


Visit our online archive to read the current and back issues of the magazine, 100% free.



Help us spread the message across Canada and sign up for a subscription online or have the magazine mailed to your home, business or health center.



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